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We’re so glad you’re interested in volunteering your time to make a difference in our community! An hour a week might be all it takes to impact the life of just one youth . At, Every Kid Outreach, Inc, volunteer opportunities range from group or one-on-one mentoring to administrative assistants, camp counselors, lifeguards, nurses and workshop instructors. If you’re looking for a rewarding way to give back, you’ve found it in us.

Please click here to view a list of open positions we have available for volunteers.

We hold a monthly Volunteer Orientation where you can learn more about EKO and these opportunities. This is required for anyone interested in becoming and EKO Volunteer. You can sign up at the link below. 


If you are short on time, and it feels like you already need more hours in the day, consider becoming one of our  E.K.O.'s OurREACH Partners. You can make secure online donations on our website on a monthly, quarterly or semi-anual basis. Any amount will be graciously accepted.

5TH QUARTER PROGRAM | Friday Evenings 7-11 PM


Taking place during the academic school year, 5th Quarter is one of our most popular programs designed to provide a safe setting for teens on Friday evenings. Within this program, our volunteers help create an awesome environment as they serve and help facilitate various activities throughout the evening. If you enjoy engaging with youth, then you’ll have a blast playing board games, basketball, making various crafts and mentoring throughout the evening.



Available Opportunities to Serve in 5th Quarter:  

  • Game & Craft Facilitators - Volunteers needed to facilitate games and help supervise students (grades 6-12).

  • Greeters - Helping to contribute to a safe and pleasant environment by greeting our students and assisting with checking in students who participate in the program throughout the evening. Greeters will be responsible for sign in sheets for the evening.

  • Sport Facilitators - Assist with basketball and other athletic activities.

  • Set Up Crew - Assist with set up of tables, chairs and preparation of 5th Quarter (must be able to serve at 6:30 pm).

  • Clean Up Crew - Assist with set break down of tables, folding chairs and clean up of 5th Quarter.

  • Become a Partner- Can’t find the time to volunteer with our awesome students? No problem! Consider helping us meet the needs of our kids by contributing towards the overall experience of 5th Quarter! Various Donations (monetary, food, board games, supplies, etc.) are currently being accepted.



Interested in helping our young men and women reach their fullest potential? We’re sure your qualities can add a few bricks to the foundation we are striving to build for our students.  Our male (The Chosen Ones) and female (G-Rated: Gods Respected Anointed Trustworthy Eternal Daughters) mentoring groups are for teenagers currently in grades 8-12. This program consists of one on one mentoring, group activities, workshops and seminars that will develop future leadership among our students. The mission of this program aims to positively impact the personal and academic endeavors of its participants. After successfully completing a highly competitive application process, students selected to be a part of the program will spend the academic year engaged in workshops and activities that challenge them to become effective Christian leaders, who are grounded in their faith, empowered to give back to their communities and are prepared to attend college or a post-secondary institution



Available Opportunities to Serve the Life Long Leadership Program: 

  • Chaperone/ Facilitator - Providing support in various events taking place throughout the academic year (Please see The Chosen Ones calendar for list of dates).

  • Guest Speaker - Volunteers of various professional fields to serve as Guest Speakers. This opportunity helps our young men envision and understand additional career options available to them after high school.

  • Mentors - Positive role models who would like to be assigned to one or two students for mentoring and guidance throughout the year.

  • Become a Partner - Can’t find the time to volunteer with our awesome students? No problem! Consider helping us meet the needs of our kids by contributing towards the overall experience of The Chosen Ones. Monetary donations, food, games, books, movies and recreational games/supplies are accepted throughout the year.


EKO CAMP | Spring and Fall Semesters


Known as our most popular event, Camp EKO is a guaranteed blast! Throughout each academic year, students ranging in grades between middle and high school levels anticipate the arrival of Camp EKO. Normally held during one weekend in the spring and fall semester, camp creates an avenue for students to personally develop their leadership skills through workshops, teambuilding activities, various discussions and problem solving initiatives. Students are also introduced to current social issues affecting the urban city areas. They are then given a safe space amongst one another to divulge into deep conversations about these issues. By the end of camp, students are well aware of the qualities they possess to remain consistent with their growth in leadership. Not only is Camp EKO an effective weekend for our students, it’s also FUN! Our kids experience an incredible time with their peers on a level that breaks barriers and encourages bonds to form. As we keep the camp tradition alive through our skits, songs and field challenges, we set the perfect space for students to be true to their selves and their ambitions. Our next camp will be taking place this fall during September 28 through September 30th. We invite you to view our camp’s page and volunteer with us!



Available Opportunities to Serve in EKO Camp:  

  • Certified Lifeguards - Assisting with the overall safety of our students participating in water activities.

  • Nurses/ Medical Crew - Have experience in the medical field and would like to give back to your community? This is the right position for you! Our Medical Crew will assist with the health concerns and safety of our students and leadership team throughout camp.

  • Servers for Dining Hall - Volunteers will be assisting the kitchen crew as they prepare each meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tasks include preparing dining tables, helping with clean up after meals are served, cleaning bowls, utensils, pitchers, pots and pans, wiping tables, vacuuming dining hall and helping to maintain and create the ultimate dining experience for our campers.

  • Recreation Leaders - Facilitators of field games and activities. Can be individuals or group of 10-15 people.

  • EKO Watch Crew - Assist with general supervision of campers while leaders are in brief camp meetings.

  • Youth Counselors - Similar to the duties of a recreation leader, our youth counselors will help facilitate field games and activities. They also assist us in other various areas that may require additional support. They are usually recent graduates of high school attending college or applying their selves towards a successful future through military services or additional career paths.

  • Cabin Leader - If you have ever engaged in youth ministry and enjoy everything it entails, we definitely encourage you to apply and serve as a cabin leader! Cabin Leaders are paired with a Co-Cabin Leader and assigned to a group of 8-10 campers. Along with the rest of our leadership team, Cabin Leaders will serve as role models for our students throughout the duration of camp. Helping us facilitate discussions after important dialogues and summits, our Cabin Leaders get to experience youth service through the eyes of our campers. An incredible opportunity to serve, laugh and grow from this experience!

  • Become a Partner - Can’t find the time to volunteer with our awesome students? No problem! Consider helping us meet the needs of our kids by contributing towards the overall experience of EKO Camp! Current organizational needs include: Monetary donations for Youth Sponsorships, Youth/Teen Bibles, Christian Music, Personal Hygiene Products, First Aid Kits, Literature on Spiritual Development, Paper, Folders and Writing utensils.




  • School Volunteer - In addition to our programs, EKO partners with schools throughout the Orlando Community: Lee Middle School, Lockhart Middle School, Maitland Middle School and Edgewater High School. By volunteering during the lunch periods of these schools throughout the week, we maintain a relationship with our students and the community through our service. During lunch, we assist administrators with the students within the cafeteria and also engage with the students as we help monitor the environment. As the students become familiar with your face and personality, they definitely began to share their academic and personal progress during discussions. Consider giving back time to these students and our community! For additional information on dates, location and time for our school visits, please contact our Program Director, Jermaine Reynolds ( Along with EKO application, additional documentation must be provided for Orange Public County School System.


  • Facilitator - Have a popular game, craft or talent you’d like to share with our students?! EKO is always seeking new ways to enrich the lives of our students. We welcome any positive experience you may wish to introduce to our ministry! Please contact our Program Director, Jermaine Reynolds (



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