Through Every Kid Outreach programs such as EKO On Campus, 5th quarter, EKO camp and Lifelong Leadership, Dwight has had positive influences in his life via Every Kid Outreach staff and mentors since the 6th grade. He has stayed focused in school, remained determined and has a goal for the future. You see, thanks to Dwight’s part time income, he can help support himself, his mom and two younger siblings.  In fact, they were recently able to move into a new place on their own, in a safer neighborhood. At 16 years old, in the 11th grade, Dwight took on an adult role in his family. Although not the typical situation for an 11th grader, now senior, Dwight has a positive outlook. Let’s just say, despite his circumstances, Dwight remains a “glass half full” kind of guy; something he credits to his Every Kid Outreach mentors.


When asked to describe EKO and the impact the organization has had in his life, Dwight said:

“EKO is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You don’t often see organizations that give back the way that they do, even when I didn’t have the funds to participate, they found a way. They are always there for me and their smiles are contagious. EKO has truly changed my life! I wish they were everywhere, because everyone needs to experience EKO!”

This year as a senior, Dwight is graduating in May with plans to attend college and play football in Pennsylvania! 


Meet Carley, an EKO graduate who is currently a freshman at Rollins College.  
Carley is majoring in Psychology and her favorite course is "Perspectives in Psych". Her favorite thing about college so far is all of the opportunities to explore leadership and continue to be involved in her community! After college she plans to pursue a graduate degree in Psychology, and then work as a Mental Health professional specializing in grief counseling for children and families. 

Carley says that being an EKO student helped her to develop leadership skills, from being able to speak in a room full people, to learning time management skills. She says that "EKO is a community of people that encourage you and genuinely want to see you succeed and help you to reach your goals." She says that she learned the qualities of a great leader, through participation in our Life Long Leadership program.

"As a young adult who has been through the program, I can honestly say the EKO team is invested in their students! Seeing kids grow into young adults is a treasure to EKO. It is vital for young kids to have people in addition to their parents, that motivate, encourage and guide them." 


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