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Dear Parents,


We’re on year 29 and it’s better than ever. Yep, it’s that time of year and EKO Camp is back!!! 


On March 6 – March 8, 2020, EKO will host over 200 youth at Southwind Campground located in Ocala National Forest and would LOVE for your child/ren to join us.  EKO Camp allows your teenagers to participate in various activities such as canoeing, ropes courses, field games, basketball tournaments, swimming and most importantly high-energy worship with life skill workshops. We always want to make sure that EKO Camp gives kids a chance to just be a kid again….PLUS, meet Jesus like never before.  And let’s be honest, life is not getting easier for teenagers. But, that’s why we make it a constant prayer and priority to find mentors who WANT TO do life with our teens and help them maneuver through the many changes life will present. As we’re at camp in our own little world, we get to do life with them!


The total cost of this weekend $250.00, but EKO works hard to keep costs down and we sponsor $100.00 towards each camper, so the cost of attending will only be $150.00, which includes all the above events, plus transportation, lodging and all you can eat food. 


We anticipate students leaving EKO Camp with a renewed spirit, a FIRE for their future and a desire to have a relationship with Christ. In addition to the registration form, we are including more “parent like” details to answer questions that may come up. We’re parents too, so we try to anticipate these things.  Lastly, to help with decreasing the cost of camp, we’re including 2 fundraising letters. These are optional of course, but many of our students use them to raise ALL or some of their registration cost. I typically tell students to find 15 people who like you a little bit…ask them to support with $10. DONE! Just imagine the support you’ll get with those who LOVE you  :-)   


We look forward to meeting your child/ren and connecting with you soon! If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact Michelle Reynolds (Program Director) at your convenience at



Information for Parents



A Peak at Camp

This camp will provide a reprieve from the pressures of negative elements that plague our communities. At camp youth have an opportunity to take a good look at the Christian faith, fellowship with other young believers from around the state, and participate in a variety of recreation activities with trained camp counselors throughout the entire weekend. All youth will sleep in beautiful spacious air-conditioned modern dormitories. These kids experienced the time of their lives and had the opportunity to open up to their leaders sharing their struggles, fears and thoughts about God. EKO Camp has, and continues to be, an effective means for sharing the Gospel with teens.


What to Pack

CAMPERS WILL NEED shorts and sneakers for activities, jeans and light jacket for cool nights and swim-wear. Ladies will be asked to cover bathing suits with tank tops and swim shorts/basketball shorts. Bring toiletry items such as toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, soap, personal hygiene products, etc. We will NOT be staying in tents, but instead air condition dormitories. You’ll need a towel & washcloth, pillow and bed linens for a twin bed.


This camp is a way for all involved to get away from the normal distractions of the world and have an opportunity to hear God speak to them like never before. So that you do not miss a moment of the action and get the full camp experience, we ask that you NOT to bring any electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, cd players, radios, mp3 players, I-pods or laptops.) *Bring valuables at your own risk. EKO is not responsible for any loss or damages of property.


Camp Costs

The cost for the weekend is $250 per kid. Every Kid Outreach has committed $100 per kid. Your final cost will be $150 which includes food, transportation, lodging, swimming, basketball, canoeing, ropes course, ping pong, pool, music and much more! To ensure ample time for processing and secure space, please have registration forms in by Friday, February 21, 2020 and registration cost ($150) turned in by Sunday, March 1, 2020


Spending money for souvenirs and snacks is optional. The average for spending money is about $10.00 to $15.00. We will have over 18 counselors, which will make the ratio at this time 1:9. Our relationship with Christ allows us to have a wholesome weekend of fun through various sports, talent shows, creative dance, music, talks and unconditional love.


Contacting Your Child at Camp

We know that sometimes parents get more anxious than kids do on overnight trips, but we promise to give them the best care while they’re away and hope that you can use this weekend for some personal time of your own. If you need to contact your child at camp in case of an emergency, please call the camp staff directly. A staff person will make sure your message is delivered to your son or daughter as soon as possible.

Michelle Reynolds (407)421-2907     Jermaine Reynolds (407)697-4233 


Online Health, Consent and Release Form

Every individual attending EKO camp (campers, leaders, volunteers, adult guests, etc.) must submit a completed health and consent form, providing the camp with important medical and insurance information in the event of an accident or illness. This form must be completed before departure for camp.​


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