EKO was born out of the heart and vision of Eddie Cole. In 1988, Eddie noticed that a large group of middle
school kids wanted and needed to be a part of a community outreach group, however he was limited to working with High School students through his work with Young Life. Eddie longed for a way to incorporate the Young Life method to reach younger children. The reasons were not to reinvent the wheel, but to modify the wheel.

After eight years of successful outreach to minority youth in the communities of Eatonville, Maitland and Winter Park through Young Life, Eddie resigned to manage a vision that God has put in his heart that would address the needs of youth grades 6th-12th. With this vision in mind, Every Kid Outreach was formed.


In November 1991, Every Kid Outreach was formally incorporated. Starting with only 2 programs, 1 full time employee and 2 volunteers, EKO now has 4 programs, 5 full time employees, and over 75 volunteers. Every Kid Outreach now offers its programs to over 500 youth per week. We’ve expanded our contact schools from 1 high school to 4 schools: Edgewater High School, College Park Middle School, Lockhart Middle School, and Maitland Middle School. By building relationships at the middle schools, which feed into Edgewater, we are able to prepare youth for the transition into High school and share expectations for future success.

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