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EKO Camp unites teens from communities around the state in a high-energy unforgettable experience.  This 3-day weekend retreat is designed to teach day-to-day life skills to better equip teenagers with the necessary tools to face life’s challenges. We offer enriched recreational activities such as canoeing, swimming, rope courses, basketball, Frisbee, soccer, foosball, and Ping-Pong. The youth will also experience and participate in skits and talent shows put on by our program team. Basically, it's a place 



We also offer workshops that address the issues most teens face such as teenage pregnancy, peer pressure, low self-esteem, communication, and empowerment. 


The benefits of camp do not stop when the weekend is over. After attending camp, we have a camp reunion and other opportunities to follow up with and mentor the youth. Post camp, we visit local schools during lunch and encourage them to be the change on their campus and share the things they have learned from their weekend at camp. We want to encourage each youth to be a peer leader.

"Where a kid can be a kid!"

ATTN: Every Kid Outreach or Scan and email it to: with subject line "EKO Camp Registration."

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