The Camp Mission is to unite teens from communities around the state with a high energy camping experiences that introduces faith and fellowship to help establish and maintain a commitment to Christ.


Program Description:

A 3-day weekend retreat designed to speak the power of Jesus Christ into the lives of every young person who attends. Our camps teach day-to-day life skills to better equip teenagers with the necessary tools to face life’s challenges. We offer workshops that address the issues most teens face such as teenage pregnancy, peer pressure, low self- esteem, communication and empowerment. We also offer enriched recreational activities such as swimming, rope courses, basketball and team building field events. The youth will experience and participate in dramatic skits put on by our program team, praise and worship and talent shows.


Program Goals:

  • Introduce campers to Jesus Christ through motivational speakers and structured group dialogue and activities.

  • Provide teens a reprieve from everyday pressures by engaging them in both structured and unstructured recreational activities.

  • Increase the number of camps held per year by building relationships and partnering with other churches and organizations in the surrounding community.



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