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Thank you for accepting the challenge to lead youth to Christ as a Camp Counselor. Whether it’s your first time or if you are a veteran of EKO Camp, this upcoming weekend is sure to have you giving God the glory during praise and worship with your assigned cabin, sharing the love of Christ through fellowship, stepping out of your comfort zone with the counselors skits and showing off youth athletic abilities.


Info. for Mentor Chaperones


A Peak at Camp

This camp will provide a reprieve from the pressures of negative elements that plague our communities. At camp our youth have an opportunity to take a good look at the Christian faith, fellowship with other young believers from around the state, and participate in a variety of recreation activities with trained camp counselors throughout the entire weekend.  You will spend your nights (along with the campers) in beautiful spacious air-conditioned modern dormitories. The kids aren't the only ones to have fun...we trust that you too will experience the time of you life and have the opportunity to touch the lives of teenagers as they open up to you about their struggles, fears and thoughts about God. EKO Camp has, and continues to be, an effective means for sharing the Gospel with teens.


What to Pack

You will want to pack shorts and sneakers for activities, jeans and light jacket for cool nights and swim-wear. Ladies will be asked to cover bathing suits with tank tops and swim shorts/basketball shorts. Bring toiletry items such as toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, soap, personal hygiene products, etc. We will NOT be staying in tents, but instead air condition dormitories. You’ll need a towel & washcloth, pillow and bed linens for a twin bed.


Camp Costs

The cost for the weekend is $250 per person attending camp. Every Kid Outreach has committed $100 per person. Your final cost will be $150 which includes food, transportation, lodging and much more! To ensure ample time for processing and secure space, please have registration forms in by Friday, February 21, 2020 and registration cost ($125.00) turned in by Sunday, March 1, 2020


You may want to bring additional spending money for snacks. 


Health, Consent and Release Form

Every individual attending EKO camp (campers, leaders, volunteers, adult guests, etc.) must submit a completed health and consent form, providing the camp with important medical and insurance information in the event of an accident or illness. This form must be completed before departure for camp.​


In order to meet the needs of the youth at camp, Counselors should:

  • Have a desire to grow daily in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and seek to share their experience working with youth either by volunteering at church, coaching, work, or community involvement

  • Have a love for youth and enjoys being around them and working with them.

  • Be able and willing to assist with indoor and outdoor activities as needed

  • Know how to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Lead by Example in how they conduct themselves, as a servant of Christ, not being perfect, but striving to be transparent, and real before camp, during camp, and after camp. (Facebook, daily lives, etc.,) Understanding that youth tend to model behavior seen.

  • Have a desire to develop relational skills with other counselors, parents, camp staff, and directors.

  • Have the dedication and patience to help make a positive change in the lives of youth

  • Be willing to form lasting relationships with youth by becoming a mentor and/or role model


We are asking all Camp Counselors to pray for:

  • Our Youth –that they may be filled/refilled with the Holy Spirit, compelled to not leave EKO Camp the same way they came (renewed mind, spirit, attitude and heart)

  • Our Counselors – that they will lead by example, be transparent,  and encourage and love our youth, and be on one accord with the move of God at EKO Camp

  • Our Volunteers- that they serve with the love of God


EKO Camp is seeking:

  • Donations towards sponsorships for youth.  The full cost of camp is $250 per child. Any amount will be greatly appreciated to invest in the spiritual growth of our youth.  Donations can be made online at

  • Donations for Buses (Mears Transportation)

  • Kingdom Literature (Bible, Christian Music, etc.)

  • Additional Volunteers for: Registration (Friday Only), Camp Monitors and Kitchen Crew (Servers)


Oh, and get plenty of rest before the bus pulls away because once you’re at camp….

Let’s just say, you’ll have the best sleep EVER on Sunday, when you get home! 

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